Friday, April 2, 2010

Clash of the Titans Review

I'd see it twice but wouldn't suggest you to.

The remake of Clash of the Titans was a solid "Okay" in my very un-empirical scale of movie awesomeness. I very much enjoyed the artistic design (the main reason I'd go back) and it was a very good soundtrack, however the acting and story schematics are very so-so. Plus a lot of the characterization is weak, at best. A lot of problems.

No Sex, no Nudity, but a lot of violence (as is to be expected I suppose.)

I saw this film in 3D, and even being as big a supporter of 3D as I am this film would probably be just fine in 2D. There were only a couple of "in your face" moments and the rest of the film didn't really benefit from the 3D (which is kind of sad cause it really could have in a lot of scenes, just to make the scenery more real.)

I will give the film props though for a more gender balanced view of the Greek myths (though it's not more 'accurate' it's definitely better) especially concerning the humanizing of Medusa (she was a beautiful priestess of Athena) and also including some intense badassery from Io (I don't know if it's factual but it was AWESOME ^^.) All they needed was some Amazons and they'd have been set, lol.

Overall the film left me wanting but not as badly as it could have. Maybe my bar has just been set higher by Avatar, LOL (my mandatory Avatar reference has been met).

Last word: Should see it: 5 out of 10, good enough to see if it's not going out of your way.



  1. Wow, sounds disappointing. I was kinda looking forward to this one. "How to Train Your Dragon" was surprisingly good, though.

  2. Well its ok. As long as the special effects are there I didnt expect much. I mean its not like a remake of Gone with the wind. It was a special effects B movie to start with. Although it did have maggie smith and Olivier - wow I had forgotten that.