Thursday, April 15, 2010

I wish I could write...

I've had some rather awesome characterization breakthroughs in my brain over the last 24 hours and I'm like possessed with the urge to work on this story again.
It's my Amazon themed story (you may or may not know anything about it).
I got turned onto it while I was working on an art competition piece about Hippolyta some months back and was intrigued with the twisted mess that is historical accounts of Amazons. Out of this kefuffle I pulled the stories of three women, sisters and amazons.
As with most of my stories my interest comes and goes but it's recently come back more strongly (mostly after watching clash of the titans I think, put my brain back in that era, lol.)

However I'm faced with a fact I must have know all along but didn't have to actually face before. I can't write.
Just in that I don't have any experience of knowledge of how to go about it. The more I would talk with Tracie the more it showed what a REAL writer looked like and did. And I wasn't it.

I tried to let it go, to stop saying I was gonna write that 'one day' but I keep feeling like I'm letting someone or something down, almost like I can imagine my characters looking at me sadly, disappointed that I'll never let them see daylight.

I acknowledge with work I could probably learn how to write, but I'm not certain I'm up to such effort, especially not now, while I'm in school. I think I might find a happy medium for now though.

I pulled out my notes and drawings and I've rekindled my research and have come across several interesting new plot points that I hope to work in and help stabilize the time line and historical structure of my story. It's hella fun too, ^^.

Well, I can't say if I will ever write this story or not, but it's retaken my attention for now. ^^ I must thank the wonderful writers in my life for rekindling the desire in me.


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