Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Strange Dreams

Well, well, well, it certainly has been quite a while since I've been here, eh?
Well I thought I might share a bit of what's been going on, cause I feel like it.

So I had quite the bizarre dream the last time I slept (since it was hardly considered night the last time I slumbered). Apparently 12+ hrs of uninterrupted sleep creates some wicked long and elaborate dreams.

So this dream included political intrigue, star crossed love, a historical cast with a few real life cameo's thrown in for spice. And of course it was much longer and richer before I awoke and only so much remains with me, so you can imagine how crazy this dream was.

So the plot as I can recall it. I remember being in a room full of people, probably 8-12 in all, and we were having some form of meeting. A more secretive meeting by the feel of it. Most everyone else there were heavy political hitters, senators, governors, political players, and myself - the lonely reporter. I also recall this was indicative by the clothing we were all wearing, the others had undershirts with a visible collar of a different color (usually green or burgundy) which indicated their higher education level, like masters and doctorates. A color I did not possess. I can't recall what exactly was being discussed, however I did notice when one woman began to act a little out of order, and I got a bad feeling that things were about to get ugly.