Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Strange Dreams

Well, well, well, it certainly has been quite a while since I've been here, eh?
Well I thought I might share a bit of what's been going on, cause I feel like it.

So I had quite the bizarre dream the last time I slept (since it was hardly considered night the last time I slumbered). Apparently 12+ hrs of uninterrupted sleep creates some wicked long and elaborate dreams.

So this dream included political intrigue, star crossed love, a historical cast with a few real life cameo's thrown in for spice. And of course it was much longer and richer before I awoke and only so much remains with me, so you can imagine how crazy this dream was.

So the plot as I can recall it. I remember being in a room full of people, probably 8-12 in all, and we were having some form of meeting. A more secretive meeting by the feel of it. Most everyone else there were heavy political hitters, senators, governors, political players, and myself - the lonely reporter. I also recall this was indicative by the clothing we were all wearing, the others had undershirts with a visible collar of a different color (usually green or burgundy) which indicated their higher education level, like masters and doctorates. A color I did not possess. I can't recall what exactly was being discussed, however I did notice when one woman began to act a little out of order, and I got a bad feeling that things were about to get ugly.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Weight and Wimsy

I was gonna make a lame Thundercats/Juno reference, but "Weight Watchers--HOO!!!" Just didn't look right, LOL.

I'm sure everyone has heard by now that Mother and I are back on Weight Watchers after 4 years absence and so far it's showing signs of progress!

We're currently on week 3 and have had 2 weigh ins and she and I are neck and neck at 6.2 pounds lost each. I even found the last remaining pair of size 20 jeans I own (the rest were donated in an attempt to avoid more emotional trauma than was necessary constantly trying to wear pants that don't fit) and found that while they are relatively easy to put on and fasten they are just shy of completely comfortable when seated. Hopefully in a week or so I'll be able to say that they fit perfectly and begin to see if its worth more to take-in the pants I own or to buy all new ones.

It's actually been fairly easy to feed myself on the system, a lot easier than I thought it'd be as a vegetarian, however I am still having difficulties when eating out or food of other peoples creation, since I was a bit of a point Nazi for the first two weeks. I'm a little more lenient now, planning my breakfasts and lunches at school and being sure to leave a comfortable cushion of points to eat out for dinner (either with classmates on Sat. or my own Sushi decadence on Fri.) and I really don't bother counting them, figuring if I go over that's what flex points are for and since I don't use them during the week I'm not a risk of running out (and even if I did I could exercise to earn back and exchange the difference.)

Well, I have high hopes and plans for the future and I can't wait to see my future success!


New Avatar Kick! Yay!

So Since Avatar has come out on DVD I've naturally been reestablished in my Avatar Fandom. ^^
It started some with the above video (VERY COOL) LOL And reached it's zenith with the following images:

EPIC RIGHT!!?!?!?!?
I'm SO buying the face and ear prostetics for Halloween or Something. X3 (happy face!)

Anyway, I was thinking since I have a cool HD TV that I would see if anyone wanted to come over and watch Avatar on Sunday after I get home from school.

Any Takers?

Any hoo, watching it again with Mom right now, wish I had a 3D tv so bad (not to mention the Extended/Special Edition) or even just a Blu Ray player! But I don't have $75 to spare right now, though it's gonna be pretty sweet once I get one, LOL.

Well, have a nice night everyone and may the light of Eywa be upon you all! ^_~