Saturday, March 13, 2010

Change in the Works?

So I may have found the solution to my hotel problem.
In case you hadn't heard I'm staying in hotels while I'm here in Gainesville for school, and apparently this week is "Gator Nationals" which just means crazy football nonsense.
Of course with crazy football nonsense comes astronomical Hotel rates.
Last weekend I payed $54 a night, this week it's $150 a night. I had to go all the way to Alachua to find a hotel that wouldn't cost me $300 and it's still costing me like $100 a night. To be an extra 10 miles by highway away AND be in a shitty hotel.

Don't you just LOVE football. Ugh.

Well, I was just gonna deal with it but an alternative has arisen.

I at dinner with two of my classmates (Maja and Margaret) after class and they're both boarding at someone's house. They were talking about how she was gonna have some rooms open up since a few of the people staying are leaving and they suggested I check it out.

Now this option was offered to me at first but I had immediately turned it down cause I didn't really feel comfortable going to a city I didn't know to stay with people I didn't know at some I didn't knows house and start school with a bunch of people I didn't know. Far too much uncertainty for me. But after a couple of weekends there and getting to know the people in the class better I was starting to feel more comfortable to the idea.

Maja explained that the woman who's house she was staying at was names Nurallah and she was a 60 year old Sufi firecracker with a dog named Kali (after the goddess, yes) who was very big on healthy organic eating and such like that.

Naturally my interest was peaked, so when Maja offered to show me the place so I could see if I was interested in staying there, I agreed. The house was nice, very cool and when I finally met Nurallah she was very pleasant. We chatted a little about different thinks including Names and their meanings (we both have names that are not our birth names, though mine is chosen and hers was given through her Sufi training).

Anyway she'll have a bed open next weekend and a different one (more permanently) the week after that. Plus you can't beat $15 a night when compared to $50-$100. The only possible problem could be that the beds available would be a day bed or a futon, so I'm questioning the comfort of said articles of furniture, but for two nights a week it's probably not that bad.

Well, I didn't finalize with her but I made clear that I was interested and willing before I tried the bed, so I think I might call tomorrow or maybe Monday and see if I can't set it up.

Yippe money savings!



  1. I think renting a room is a grand idea. Maybe this place is not perfect, but the idea is and worth exploring for sure. Miss you.

  2. Miss you as well! I think the boarding is a great idea. Why not hang with cool people instead of staying at the hotel? On the other hand, I like some solitude once in a while, and you may not get that at the house.

  3. I miss you guys like no bodies business!! >.<
    Yea, I was thinking originally that I was gonna want a lot of privacy, but I think I'm a little more comfortable with it now, after doing it for a couple of weeks and dealing with hotel prices. I was mainly concerned also with the ability to sleep during the day on Fridays when I have to work Thursday nights. However I don't think it'll be a huge problem, since it doesn't look I'll be working any thursdays in the near future.
    You wanna hang out (or something) on Thursday? (Either or both of you ^^)

  4. sorry, me sick. still in pajamas and not with the best, um, hygiene.