Saturday, March 6, 2010

Every Day, in Every Way, I'm Getting Better and Better

Officially my new favorite quote/mantra, I just really like it's simplicity and power and it represents just one of the awesome lessons I'm taking away from my hypnotherapist training.
I walked away from class this weekend (the first) with a lot of cool new information like the quote in the title, but the best thing I think I walked away with was a reinforced feeling that I'm doing the right thing.
I walked in with a head start on a lot of the information (from previous experiences with other hypnotherapists and what-not) but I also got a lot of new stuff, including a lot of first hand operating knowledge from Matthew (the school owner and instructor). And some of the things he's done, and does, are amazing.He's reinforcing the feeling that this is the right path for me, in so many ways.

In the more mundane, day to day aspects, it does appear more and more, to be a very lucrative occupation. Matthew does what I thought would be very difficult to maintain without any further advertisements: maintain a regular practice. Through the power of word of mouth and a few regulars Matthew maintains approximately 20 to 25 sessions a week. At around $200 dollars a pop, that translates out to something between $4000 and $5000 a week. That's like $200,000 a year on the low end! Even if you consider charging the accept median of approx. $100 a session, the earnings are still substantial.
I would only have to do 3.5 hours of sessions a week to match what I make at the hospital working 36 hours a week. And consider that this is only taking into account a standard practice, I could easily make a living doing any number of jobs available to a clinical Hypnotherapist. Holding a practice, working with a doctors office or physicians service (like Watson Clinic or Clark and Daughtrey), working at a hospital specializing in Hypnoanalgesia (a position required by JCAHO), to just doing Theresa's awesome suggestion of working Pagan and New age festivals! There are really so many options out there for me, and more keep opening up every day. But I think that more important than the money (as important as it is), hypnotherapy is offering a a much greater gift.

Hypnotism is not just some cutesy parlor trick, "Make you quack like a duck", it is pure magick. It takes the (or at least my) understanding behind magick, the power of the mind to effect positive change in the world, and makes it REAL. Not only can you help people quit harmful addictions like smoking or shed a few extra pounds, you can change their lives, even SAVE their lives. Using the right technique and method, you can heal someones past hurts, create in them a fertile ground for positive self growth, you can even heal their physical ills. From as simple as taking away someones pain (something Matthew can do in under 10 minutes) to as complex as bringing someone back from death's door and completely healing them of cancer (a feat Matthew has also accomplished).

This isn't just about handing out some cool fun past life regressions to me anymore, this is about me fulfilling a need to create a positive effect in other people's lives that I had only had a slight inkling that I had. To know that I have the power to change people's lives, including my own. The following answer has become a bit of a joke in class already but this saying really sums up my life right now:

Can you complete this training?
Can you become a person you can be proud of?
Can you help other people to create positive change?



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