Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And So it Begins...Maybe...

I've jumped on another Bandwagon. Lets just hope this one goes as swimmingly as Facebook... wait, no, maybe.

This is not my first attempt at the strange art of 'blogging', not by a long shot. However I hope, with the help of friends, that I might actually be able to be successful with this... whatever success at blogging is defined as, LOL.

I'm currently in the middle of planning a new art venture so wish me luck! Hopefully I can relearn HTML fast and get pictures up here so maybe I can share some of my art in progress.

I also hope to keep up with this as I start school at FIH (Florida Institute for Hypnotherapy) and help me keep up with those that matter most to me, my dear friends and confidants, you know who you are. ^_~

Well I suppose this is a fine enough start, ONWARD!!!


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