Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Strange Dreams

Well, well, well, it certainly has been quite a while since I've been here, eh?
Well I thought I might share a bit of what's been going on, cause I feel like it.

So I had quite the bizarre dream the last time I slept (since it was hardly considered night the last time I slumbered). Apparently 12+ hrs of uninterrupted sleep creates some wicked long and elaborate dreams.

So this dream included political intrigue, star crossed love, a historical cast with a few real life cameo's thrown in for spice. And of course it was much longer and richer before I awoke and only so much remains with me, so you can imagine how crazy this dream was.

So the plot as I can recall it. I remember being in a room full of people, probably 8-12 in all, and we were having some form of meeting. A more secretive meeting by the feel of it. Most everyone else there were heavy political hitters, senators, governors, political players, and myself - the lonely reporter. I also recall this was indicative by the clothing we were all wearing, the others had undershirts with a visible collar of a different color (usually green or burgundy) which indicated their higher education level, like masters and doctorates. A color I did not possess. I can't recall what exactly was being discussed, however I did notice when one woman began to act a little out of order, and I got a bad feeling that things were about to get ugly.

When suddenly she stood, began speaking like a mad woman, and pulled out a gun. I remember thinking, "She's going to shoot us, but I just have to survive the first round." She proceeded to shoot everyone in the room and as I had seen and planned to do when she shot me I dropped and pretended to be dead. I remember thinking now that I was down that I hoped to god she didn't double-tap. Unfortunately she did then go around the room and begin shooting again but strangely when she shot I didn't die, she wasn't hitting my head. She went around the room shooting several more times. I remember feeling no pain, only a vague sensation when I was struck. When she had finally finished (and I believe fled) I sat up and saw that I had been shot in the thigh (the left I think) a grand total of twelve times in a specific formation of holes: two even rows of six. The bullets sat just under the surface of my skin and while I bled a little they didn't hurt at all.

Everyone else began to cautiously sit up and realize they too were relatively unharmed. I began to get up and get dressed (because for some reason I didn't have my jeans on... go figure) but as soon as I had put my jeans back on we heard someone coming back up the stairs. We all panicked and thought it was the crazy lady returning so we collapsed back on the floor and pretended to be dead. At this point I realized that now that I had my pants on you could tell I wasn't dead so I reached into my pants, got some of the blood on my hands and rubbed it on the outside of my jeans to appear, at a quick glance, as if I had been wounded.

We all laid back down, yet when the person ascended the stairs and entered the room it was not the same woman as before, this woman was harsher, harder and more cruel (she reminded me of Susan Sarandon's character in Paul). I believe she was accompanied by the shooter and had come to survey the scene. She and the shooter spoke for several minutes and I got the feeling that the new woman knew we were not dead, yet she said nothing. When the two went to leave I could feel the hard woman's stare on me and a cruel smile on her face as if to say, "You're not fooling me," Before she simply walked out.

After the two had left for good we all got up and emerged from the building just as paramedics were arriving.

Fast forward to a day or two later and we were all being interrogated to give a report of what happened. I don't recall much other than this was where it became apparent that I was not in the same class as all the others there and I was growing irritated at their flippant and disrespectful treatment of me. I left feeling though like the whole interview process for us was a farce and the hit, and it's failure, was planned. Though I knew not by who or to what ends.

As I left the police complex I remember seeing a beautiful woman leaving also and I talking and flirted with her. She was short and petite with black hair in a 20s style bob (much of the entire dream had a very 20s Boardwalk empire theme and feel to it.) We had an instant and deep connection between us. I can't even describe it, but it was very powerful. However we parted ways, I believe with the intention to meet again.

However from here the dream almost seems to shift, change and morph into something slightly different. In someways it maintained the theme "I had survived this shooting" however it seemed as though my personality and physical characteristics began to change.

Next I remember going to a meeting with someone regarding the shooting (possibly with an informant) and I found myself sitting in the second story room of a rundown building with Jimmy Darmady (yay more BWE references). He sat there calmly and we seemed to be waiting for someone. Next, through the window I saw a man coming up the walk who had the feel of being Nucky Thompson, but was played by Matthew Brownstein (0.o).

All seemed well until I saw two hired muscles following him up the walk and I suddenly knew I'd been set up. I raced to the back of the flat looking for the service stairs, thinking to escape out the back. When I finally found the stairs I raced down only to find the two men at the bottom landing. I knew there was no escape, and this time I would die. Then grinned malevolently and raised their pistols before firing, and I felt myself drop.

I was dead.
Then I was undead.
Not in the zombie way... in the ghost way.

Suddenly I was out of my body and walking around. The transformation I'd alluded to before at this time because complete and I looked and felt like Angela Darmady. I remember floating around a home (which I came to realize later was Matthew/Nucky's home) and noticing that no one could see me. One woman could sense me (played by a RLF named Allison) and she sent me feeling of mourning and regret to feeling my spirit still here, sadness at my passing. Next I saw Matthew coming up a flight of curved banister stairs and I got right up in his face but he couldn't see or sense a thing. When I looked down I realized there was a little girl beside him, his daughter (who looked exactly like Margaret's Daughter in BWE) and she was staring right at me. She could see me just fine. I suddenly sensed that I had been her nanny in life (this is when it completely shifted from the previous story) and I picked her up and carried her off with me to another room, talking with her and hugging and petting her. I feel like I then began to fill her mind with thoughts against her father and was using her to seek my revenge. I did care for the girl, but I also saw her as my opportunity to still get at this man. She was very open and susceptible and I (strangely) very easily began to turn her against her father.

However the last thing I remember was when he was placing her in a car and she was telling him about me. At first he thought it was nonsense, but then something shifted in him and he realized that what she said might be true. He stared at her a bit bewildered and when I stroked her hair he could see it move.

I remember him realizing that I was real, I was there and exactly how powerful I was. It was pretty heady...

Aaaaand then I woke up.

Very strange indeed, though I do commonly dream long dreams in a story form.

And this was a lot longer than I had expected, so I'll leave the other thing I was going to talk about until later.

Peace out hookers.


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  1. Don't die I would miss you. Plus, ghosts don't cuddle.

    No more scary dreams!