Friday, May 21, 2010

New Avatar Kick! Yay!

So Since Avatar has come out on DVD I've naturally been reestablished in my Avatar Fandom. ^^
It started some with the above video (VERY COOL) LOL And reached it's zenith with the following images:

EPIC RIGHT!!?!?!?!?
I'm SO buying the face and ear prostetics for Halloween or Something. X3 (happy face!)

Anyway, I was thinking since I have a cool HD TV that I would see if anyone wanted to come over and watch Avatar on Sunday after I get home from school.

Any Takers?

Any hoo, watching it again with Mom right now, wish I had a 3D tv so bad (not to mention the Extended/Special Edition) or even just a Blu Ray player! But I don't have $75 to spare right now, though it's gonna be pretty sweet once I get one, LOL.

Well, have a nice night everyone and may the light of Eywa be upon you all! ^_~


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